May 28, 2007


If you are working for a catamaran shipyard building luxury units please do not hesitate to send me a press book or press releases, anything that can be published on my blog, I will be glad to use it. The same if you work for an architect, a designer, a charter company dealing with luxury cruising catamarans, any information wellcome.
If you're a journalist and have written articles about those yachts please let me know. If you send me a copy of the article I can publish it in those pages.
If you're an individual and you have found information on the web please let me know.
Finally if you wish to suscribe to my blog please use Feedblizz (on the right side), you will avoid receiving spams.

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Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your interesting blog.
I would like to send you some information about our newest luxury catamaran. Could you please send your contact details to Thank you.