August 10, 2007


Willmar USA is a company based in Florida, in Diana Beach and Saint Petersburg. They work mainly as Fountaine Pajot importers but are also brokers for used boats. Philippe Guillemin, Willmar's vice-president, has a long experience of catamaran building and sailing. Willmar is actually working on a "pet project" of a luxury custom 90 feet fast cruising catamaran designed by the Gilles Ollier Design Team and built by Multiplast. I already wrote about Multiplast and Gilles Ollier. They have designed and built some of most famous racing multihulls and also Magic Cat one of the fastest cruising catamaran of her time aboard which I was lucky to spend some times in the caribbean a few years ago. The Willmar/Multiplast 90 will be built in composite with carbon foam on a female mould at the shipyard in Vannes. The interior can be fully customized. The building time should be 20 months. With such a pedigree no doubt this will be a great fast cruising catamaran. I want to thank Philippe Guillemin for all the information and the 3Ds. If you have any questions about this project you can reach him through Willmar's Website.

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