March 4, 2008

Luxury Catamarans for Charter

WONDERFUL702004836 000 €


722006842 500 €
EXECUTIVE732007828 000 €
CHE742003634 545 €
ZINGARA7620051042 900 USD
AKASHA7620051045 800 USD
FAT CAT781992616 000 USD
LADY PACA7919912029 000 €

42 000 USD

ALLURES992006857 000 USD
LADY B1052003855 000 €
DOUCE FRANCE138.4199812110 000 USD
GEMINI145200812170 000 USD

After strugglying more than one hour to get a spreadsheet on my blog, finally here it is. The prices listed are for the high season. Sometimes they differ depending on the charter company, so you might find other prices. Watch out some prices are in Euro and some in US Dollars. Here are a few links to the charter company I found the prices.


Yacht said...

Hi there,

The link to YPI is broken. Also, the url has since changed to

luxurycat said...

Thanks I have updated the link.