July 17, 2008


Last week-end I was doing some research on the JFA . This shipyard has built SUN TENAREZE, an 84 foot catamaran launched in 2004. I stopped on CLARIS website. I met Nicolas Claris in Dusseldorf, he is wellknow in France for his pictures of yachts sailing andyachts interiors. He works for JFA, CNB, LAGOON, SHIPMAN.... His advertising agency does a lot of work for the industry. His son Romain is incharge of the videos and his wife Marine is working on editing brochure, newsletter, books.... A family of artists.

On their site I found a section called "making of" where Romain is filming his father taking pictures. I let you have a look it gave me the gooseflesh, the images, the music, the editing is really great. If you need images for your yachts dont hesitate to get in touch with them.

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