October 8, 2008


The french catamaran builder CATANA has just launched its new website and introduces the largest CATANA yet the CATANA 92.

This is the new version of the CATANA website, which is kind of sad for me since I was responsible many years ago of the older version. This is good it needed to be renewed. It is very light colored and easy to browse. There is a new section called "cruising club" in which you can find a new access for the CATANA owners.In the yacht section you will find a new yacht the CATANA 92 which is the new name for the previous catana custom, always designed by Christophe Barreau, the historic designer.The first one ORION was launched earlier this year and left the shipyard in September. We can finally see some pictures of her and a video of the sea trials, it is very impressive. ORION was built for an experience CATANA owner for a round the world journey. The interior is huge (200 m²) and close wind the CATANA 92 can carry no less than 500 m² of sails. It is to be noticed that the moulds of the CATANA 92 are adjustable in size to built a smaller or a larger CATANA. CATANA is renewing its complete range with new and more modern designs.

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