May 25, 2009


This great looking cat was launched in April by Lyman Morse. With its reverse bows I have to admit it is one of the most beautiful cat launched in her size. Again a great Morelli and Melvin design.
MALA CONDUCTA was designed to be fast and comfortable. The shipyard did some testing to know wether to build in pre-preg or SCRIMP infusion method. They went for pre-preg. The mock up was carefully worked through with the owners. As you can see the interior is modern with light wood.

Two other 60 footer Morelli and Melvin designed with reverse bows are currently being built by Westerly Marine in California. I will introduced them in a future post.


Brian said...

The reverse bows look nice in a profile drawing, but from many other angles they look very strange to me.

Of course I was never a great fan of the plum bows either.

And many of these modern cats don't have a decent sheer line. Those straight bows and the straight sheer lines just add to the already boxie look of catamarans in general.

Have a look back at some of Peter Spronk's or Peter Wormwood's designs...example

I've written in reply a few times before, "And most importantly, you included the oft forgotten element, the sheer line. What a terribly important factor! Romantically stated, but oh so true, 'it is simply her sheer... sheer beauty that is. She enters the harbor like a beautiful woman entering a room. Her sheer is the line we try to get right when we doodle boats.' So many of today’s boats lack this beauty, and correspondingly, some of the essence of yesteryear’s yachting."

luxurycat said...

Dear Brian, I agree with you INDIGO is really a beautiful looking catamaran. I am sure, specially in large size, that designers could work on sleek looking catamarans with a monohulls design soul. Do you have any information on Peter Spronks, never heard of his designs. It would be interesting.
Thanks for your comment