November 23, 2009


I am currently getting organized to spend more time on luxury catamaran projects for next year.

So if you are interested by one of the following, let me know :
  • I would like be part of a team creating and marketing a large (above 70') luxury catamaran from scratch. This should be with serious people with the financial means to do so. I've met too many dreamers. If you feel concerned let me know, we can talk about it.
  • I am looking for a media interested in paying me (please hold on to your chair and computer) for visiting shipyards, designers, architects, charter companies, businesses around the world involved with multihulls. I would report about them either on paper or on the web, in writing or video...
If you leave a message on this blog you will not appear on the web unless you tell me do to so, I am the one monitoring this blog. Any comments or ideas welcome.

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