February 25, 2010


Florida based Constellation Yacht is building a 70 foot catamaran "Cassiopeia", a long distance, fast and confortable yacht, designed by Walter Schurtenberger.

Walter Schurtenberger is an experienced designer and boat builder. He has taken part to the building process of some of the fastest racing multihulls in the world, collaborating with Nigel Irens, Mike Birch and Walter Green. He is also a keen sailor. On Cassiopeia's website, he explains how this luxury catamaran is built using composite technology to insure performance and strength. Cassiopeia can sail the world heaven in heavy weather.

The platform is huge with a lot of space and light in the Salon, the Galley, the Dining room and the protected cockpit. The interior can be completely customized in any way the client wishes.

Cassiopeia was designed to reduce maintenance costs at a minimum and be easy to sail with a small crew.

There is a list of options available including a "Green Boat Package" :
  • 4 Superwind Wind Generators
  • 28 Solar Panels
  • 2 Balmar High Output Alternators 24VDC / 220 Amp
  • 3 Charge Controllers
  • 2 High Capacity Battery Banks 2400 Amp-Hour
  • 2 5000 Watt / 240VAC Inverters
  • 1 4000 Watt / 120VAC Inverter
  • 2 100 Amp Battery Chargers

Constellation Yacht is building a second 70 footer named "Magic".


Anonymous said...

I find it odd that there are no sugar scoops on the transoms. How are people to board her?

luxurycat said...

You are right and the transoms are very narrow for such a large cat, I am thinking about boarding and also diving equipement, unloading guests..... I guess they will add some kind of steps.
Thanks for your comment