October 22, 2010


The Nexus 600 is a true blue water cruising vessel built in Saint Francis Bay.

Mark Paarman, a keen surfer, was looking for the perfect platform with a shallow draft and lot of space aboard to go surfing in remote anchorages away from the crowd. He met with John Henrick, a keen fisherman, looking for a boat to organize fishing excursions. The two got together to create Nexus Catamaran and built the Nexus 600, a high end, low volume sailing catamaran.

The Nexus offers a four double cabin layout with a lot of storage space for long distance cruises. As you can see on the picture, the salon and galley are really large. The team has paid a special attention to make the sailing and maintaining of the boat as simple as possible. On the video she seems to be sailing quite fast. A nice blue water catamaran, I would like to see in an European boatshow.


lijo said...

Rogers design brief for the Montebello Power range was Fuel efficiency, stability, speed, light weight and a user friendly vessels. Montebello together with Rogers design skills have come up with a strong modern looking range of power vessels for the Market of today. The Power boat range can be set up for serious fishing , family fun or just cruising in comfort and style.

luxurycat said...

Dear Lijo,

I am publishing your comment this time, because your catamarans, both power and sail, really look nice but the luxury catamaran blog is for cats above 60 foot.