June 25, 2011


Outremer Yachting is actually building a 59 footer, the Outremer 5X. Based on the Outremer 49 success, this light, fast and yet comfortable catamaran is designed by VPLP, Patrick Le Quément and Franck Darnet Design . A market reference.

The first Outremer 5X, the new flagship of the Outremer range, will be launched by the end of the year.
VPLP (the World leader in multihull design) and Patrick Le Quément (the former design director of the Renault car builder) designed fast and powerful hulls together with very modern deck, roof and cockpit lines. She will be much faster while being more comfortable than the famous Outremer 55.
The interior, by Franck Darnet Design is pure, simple and high-range. The white furniture is enhanced by the use of walnut trim. In the “owner” version, the port side hull offers a bed with a gorgeous view on the sea along with a working desk. A 4-cabin-version and a “shipowner + skipper” version are also available.

The Outremer 5X is a distinctive, powerful and high performance blue water cruising luxury catamaran. She has it all.

Watch the making of the moulds !!!

What a dream team and a pedigree !

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