July 11, 2012


JFA Yachts has recently launched a new, updated website showing its know-how in terms of building and refitting very large luxury catamarans.
 This website clearly shows three things : 
  • The experience of JFA in building large luxury catamarans like : Sun Teneraze 85 feet (now Rose of Jericho), VPLP 110 (to be launched this year),  the Long Island 85 (currently build)
  • The experience in refitting large catamarans : Mashua Bluu 95 feet.
  • A strong positionning on the large custom and semi-custom luxury catamaran market with a new shed specially dedicated to large catamaran with a maximum beam of 17 meters. 
VPLP 110 and JFA's new special catamaran shed

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