October 2, 2012


From left to right : Marc Van Peteghem (VPLP), Kenzo Takada, Richard Gibeaud (Alumarine)
The ALU MARINE shipyard and Mr Kenzo Takada announce their new collaboration.

Three yachts of the range “NOAH” are adorning themselves with an exceptional decoration. For ALU MARINE, Mr Kenzo Takada carries out an exclusive covering on a limited edition of three yachts.
NOAH, a unique concept of luxury catamarans, becomes a piece of art under the artistic direction of Mr Kenzo Takada.
« I've always loved going on sailing, living on water, taking in the power of the sea and the sun. When I first saw the Noah plans, I was seduced by its concept and design;  I immediately thought of a house on water » states Mr Kenzo Takada.
Noah by Kenzo Takada

Donald Potard, co-creator of the WEYVES COUTURE concept comments: 
“WEYVES COUTURE adds a sentimental dimension to the concept of Luxury, which combines comfort and high technology. Kenzo Takada brings together force, balance and elegance in the design; the refined and timeless external lines of the NOAH are mixed with an interior universe of exception”.
The yacht “NOAH by Kenzo Takada” will be built by the French shipyard, ALU MARINE: Richard Gibeaud, General Manager of Alu Marine explains
« This collaboration is very exciting and will lead to the realization of a unique project. ALU MARINE has been specialized in the construction of vessels for more than 25 years and has a great background in luxury catamarans. The exclusive limited edition “NOAH by Kenzo Takada” embodies a successful alliance of technique and Art”. Donald Potard adds: “ALU MARINE’s exceptional know-how and experience are the major assets of this partnership”.
With its harmonious lines drawn by the famous naval architect Marc Van Peteghem from the agency VPLP, the NOAH, built out of aluminium, is a model of robustness and quality. The conception of a life style and atmosphere of elegance and refinement is the number one priority for the artistic direction of the “NOAH by Kenzo Takada”.

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