February 27, 2008


Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot-Prévost, 25 years of successfull cooperation. (from Nautic News)

VPLP is the most famous multihull design office in the World. With 25 employees, in two different offices, one in Vannes in charge of racing yachts and the other one in Paris in charge of cruising yachts, they are two of the most talented architects in the Multihull World.

Some of their most famous racing yachts :

  • PIERRE PREMIER / 60 foot trimaran / 1989
  • HYDROPTERE / 60 foot hydrofoil / 1994
  • SPORT ELEC / 90 foot trimaran / 1997
  • Groupama I-II-II / 60-90-105 trimarans / 1998-2004-2007
  • GERONIMO / 110 trimaran / 2001
  • GEANT / 60 trimaran / 2002
  • BANQUE POPULAIRE V / 131 trimaran / in built

This is just to list a few of them.

So many successfull designs if the racing world has led the team to work on project for the nautical industry with production yachts and custom project.

Some of their production yachts :

  • LAGOON 55 / 1987 - LAGOON 47 / 1990 - LAGOON 42 / 1991 ---- LAGOON 44 /2004 - LAGOON 420/2006 - LAGOON 380 the smallest but with close to 500 units built.
  • KEENEX 445 / 1990
  • SWITCH 51 / 1999

Back to the main subject of the blog luxury catamaran.


VPLP started designing luxury cruising catamarans with the twin 85-footer HIGHEST HONOUR I and II on 1991 (one of them now being LONE STAR ). The twin were already built in composite and designed with sucess for the charter industry .


In 1999 they enter the mega catamaran market with the largest cruising catamaran designed and built so far DOUCE FRANCE a stunning 140' built in Aluminum by Alumarine. DOUCE FRANCE has a ketch rig and can accomodate 12 guests with 8 crew.


In 2003, CORIOLAN VI Bis 77' was launched, built entirely in carbon by the Multiyacht Compositi shipyard in italy. The same year came out the ground breaking CILIAM a 92 footer in composite built by Salt House Shipyard in Australia. This catamaran features a very innovative design with a lot of room inside due to the fact that the roof is as large as the beam. The owner cabin is one the main platform at mast foot and enjoys a great sea view. Finally CILIAM is a fast catamaran with a 35 carbon rotating wing mast. In 2003 again, CHE , a 73 footer was launched at the SUNREEF shipyard in Poland.


This year VPLP will reach a climax with the launching of GEMINI, the largest private owner cruising catamaran in the world built at the DERECKTOR shipyard in the US. GEMINI will accomadate 10 guests in five statesrooms and 6 crew. I look forward to see this mega cat launched.

Finally again this year also will be launched one of my favorite project, very small compare to the GEMINI, but really fast the all carbon SIG 45 from Le Breton Yachts.

With other drawings on their boards and a growing market for luxury catamaran, I am sure the team will keep on working on great designs and of course see many of their yachts launched in the future.


Tim Clarke said...

Hi, my name is Tim Clarke and I am an English technical writer.
I have been reading your blogspot and noticed many small errors in the grammar, syntax and spelling of your text. It needs to be corrected by an English mother tongue proof reader. It is obvious that it was written by an English speaking French person. This is charming but not professional and may place in doubt the ability of VPLP and other clients to avoid detail mistakes in design and fabrication. If you don't notice publication errors perhaps your clients will overlook other more critical details. They deserve to have their reputation preserved.
Please let me know if I can be of service to you.
Je suis bilingue anglais/francais.

luxurycat said...

Thanks Tim for your comment. I am french and doing my best to write in proper English. I am not making any money out of my blog and I am not able to subcontract the proof reading or translation to any one (unfortunately, I would love to).