June 16, 2009


Westerly Marine, is a custom boat builder located in Santa Anna, California specialised in Carbon Fiber performance Vessels. They are actually building two 65 footer Morelli and Melvin designed catamarans and they look great.

Westerly Marine was founded in 1970 (the year I was born). The yard can take in charge a custom project from A to Z thanks to a highly qualified work force mastering the arts of composite, wood works, mechanics, and electricity. They have built very fast racing monohulls and more confortable ones still able to achieve high performance.

Two Morelli and Melvin 65 ' are being built in the yard full carbon as you can see on the pictures. I don't have any drawings of the interiors but from the exterior you can see that twose two cats are really designed to sail fast and long distance off shore. They should be easily handled by a crew of two.
The design office also located in California, in Huntington Beach is doing a great job designing sleek, fast and elegant catamarans. I would say that recently their trademark is the use of reverse bows which not only are great looking but also very efficient in increasing the performance of this sailboats.
If you have more information about those cats, let me know.

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