September 4, 2012


Sunreef Yachts has a very efficient PR manager, Ewa Stachurska.  Thanks to her, they are an important contributor to the luxury catamaran blog. For our 500 th post, I have asked Ewa to let me know what she and the Sunreef team think of the blog. Here is her answer. Thank you Ewa.

Ewa Stachurska - Sunreef PR manager
 "Since the very beginning we appreciate that someone has thought of creating a website dedicated to luxury catamarans only. It just suited us so well! We tend to consult it on a regular basis to check all the recent news concerning the field of our activity from all over the world. Researching google for " luxury catamaran" phrase isn't as helpful as consulting luxurycatamaran.blogspot that has the most updated and complete information on luxury catamarans uploaded quickly after released from builders/designers. At Sunreef Yachts, most of our team is subscribed to the website and enjoy receiving regular mailings on what is new as we need to keep our eyes open on potential competitors, although must confess that there seem to be no other shipyard as Sunreef, focused only in large-sized luxury cats, and building so many of them yearly. Luxury catamarans needed to have their own independent editorial website and luxurycatamaran.blogspot clearly shows us all that there is a lot of things going on in this niche market, still underestimated by some major yachtbuilders. We will definitely keep sending our info over hoping that more and more readers will join the blog and spread the greatness of catamarans worldwide."

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