September 8, 2010


Incat Crowther, is managing, again, a very large Motor Catamaran project named "ZENITH".
Incat Crowther is really specialized in managing fast catamaran and wave-piercer projects both for work and pleasure. They have built "Seafaris", a 41 meter long catamaran for charter, which I have introduced earlier in the blog. They are now buiding "Zenith" at the Sabre Cat in collaboration with Waterline Yacht Design as for "Seafaris". The vessel will be powered by a pair of MTU 12V4000 engines and will cruise at 25 knots, with long range capabilities in excess of 3500nm at lower speeds. Inside, it will feature luxuries such as a large central entrance foyer, king-sized guest staterooms and a gymnasium.

A little bit of history about Incat Crowther :
For those who are familiar with sailing catamarans the name Crowther will remind you of Lock who was a very famous and innovative sailing catamaran designer. (CATANA's first hulls design were inspired by Lock Crowther). Lock teamed up with Incat design to create Incat Crowther for the work boat market and transfered his knowledge to motor catamarans. Incats design created the first Wave Piercers. When Lock passed away in 1993, his son Brett took over.

Here is a link to some of Lock Crowther's sailing catamarans designs and look at the hull shape of the Crowther 44.

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