March 21, 2012


There was quite a long time since I wanted to write a post about Gunboat and the new Gunboat 60

Gunboat 60 designed by Nigel Irens
I like the design very much. I found it aesthetically very innovative, sleek and fast looking. Gunboat has already set new standards building the first Gunboat and they are still innovating, this is quite challenging and reassuring for the future of the brand.
Gunboat 60 Salon

The 60 are built in China.  Hudson Yacht & Marine  is representing Gunboat in Asia.

This is an extract from a post written by Gunboat founder, Peter Johnston, in the sailing Anarchy forum :  
All of the new Gunboats being built in Xiamen, China are being built in one piece female tooling. Hulls, wingdeck, aft beam are all infused in epoxy in one shot. All carbon and corecell foam. So far, two 60's have come out of the tooling, and a third about to be infused. They are being built in immaculate 'clean' rooms that look more like surgical centers than a boat yard. These clean rooms are also the giant ovens to post-cure the entire structure. The one piece infusion platforms delete all of the tabbing, assembly and effort to get everything lined up. The laminate quality is the best I have seen at this size anywhere. If the original wet-preg Gunboats show zero issues after 120,000 miles of sailing, the latest infused structures may be good for an endless sailing life.

According to other messages in the Multihull Forum the 60 will keep on being built in China while the 50, the 78 and other larger projects will be built in North Carolina at the new yard.
Production of the 66 has ended in South Africa. No more information about the future of the 66 series.

Prices according to Peter Johnstone : Gunboat 50  around $ 1.4 mil; Gunboat 60 $ around 2.2 millions.  

Design : Nigel Irens  for the exterior and structure and Nauta Design for the interior.  

I hope I am having all this right together. Let me know if I wrote something wrong. 

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