March 17, 2012


The Synergy Yachting team is actually working on several large catamaran projects including :

- A carbon high speed world cruiser capable of carrying and deploying a BMW GS motorcycle for a gentlemen wanting to sail/ride around the world in style at speed.  The drawings are completed and it's surprising how non intrusive the bike will be.

- A 100 foot rebuilt of a renowned charter cat for a sports media company wanting to host extreme sports on a round the world program aboard a VERY luxury cat. It's an interesting project, proving that with the costs of oil based raw materials adapting an older, well designed hull can be so much cheaper.

- A really GREEN catamaran. To develop a cold moulded wood hull built in fast growing, responsible timber. Don't think of anything heavy or ugly here, like a Wharram for example. The aim is to create a yacht with similar performance and durability to carbon, but lower lower built costs and reduced impact. A number of years ago I ran a 70 foot charter catamaran that was once of the lightest and stiffest boats I've sailed and because it was beautifully faired you could not tell is wasn't moulded GRP or similar. We are investigating building the deck with solar panels built in, not added on later. We also looking at a tidal flow recovery system as well as a series of vertical axis wind generators. The whole electrical system will be a super lightweight CAN bus system operated by iPads, not expensive, fixed and non updatable marine systems.

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