June 22, 2012


After a very successful opening in May, Gunboat North Carolina is now up and running like a well-oiled machine. The Nigel Irens Gunboat 55's are on their way. The plugs were made before the yard was opened, and now the moulds are finished. Boat production has begun in Wanchese! Alongside these, the PURE RIB's are in also in production.
Gunboat Team
Peter Johnstone - CEO / Founder
Peter has relocated to Wanchese, North Carolina to helm his new yard and pull all of Gunboat's finest resources together.
Phil and Laura Harvey - Head of Production and Building
Phil and Laura have been with us since the biding of the first Gunboat 62, TRIBE. They went to China to help set up the Gunboat 66 production line and have now located to North Carolina to lead once again in the production of the 55 Series. We are very excited to have them with us in our new home base.

New Team Members
Jeff Brown - Designer
Jeff Brown, BEng, is Gunboat's new In House designer. He studied Yacht and Powercraft Design from South Hampton Solent University. Jeff also graduated from the Landing School of Boatbuilding and Design. Before Gunboat, he was the lead naval architect at Hacker Boat Company NY. Jeff is looking forward to interacting with all the designers and engineers involved in Gunboat. He also hopes to simplify and streamline the production of parts where possible.
Seth Graves - Controller
Seth Graves received both his Bachelors of Business Administration, in Accounting, and a Master's in Business Administration from the University of South Dakota. Before coming to Gunboat, Jeff was the CFO for The Freeman Company, a manufacturer of swaged tubes and assemblies for the aerospace industry. He most looks forward to building Gunboat International into a benchmark manufacturer for the nautical industry.
Meg Minetree - Marketing and Sales
Meg Minetree received her Bachelor of Science from Virginia Tech and MBA from the University of Mary Washington with a concentration in Project Management. She most recently worked as Project Manager at a dynamic web development company in Richmond, VA. Meg will provide support in sales, marketing, and project management as well as organize events for Gunboat. Meg is adept in public relations and is ready to help owners and fans of Gunboat alike.

Departing Team Members
Rachel Jaspersen - Marketing Director
Rachel Jaspersen, originally a Yacht Design graduate from Southampton Solent University, has been with Gunboat for 10 years. Rachel started working with Gunboat on design and helped guide Gunboat through the CE certification process. Rachel provided support in all aspects of design, project management, regatta's and events. With the addition of her marketing and PR roles, there are not many caps she has not worn for Gunboat over the years. Rachel has made a relocation to Europe with her family and we wish her well and great success in the future.
Bob Marston - Sales
After working at Oyster USA's Newport office for 11 years, Bob joined Gunboat in an effort to manage and increase sales leads. Bob helped get Gunboat up to speed with the latest sales software. Bob has been a great help to Gunboat over the last year in promoting the new Nigel Irens' design and creating a presence in the market. Bob is now working in his home-town of Newport, Rhode Island. We wish Bob great success and happiness in his future endeavors.

Bart Janney - Chief Financial Officer
Bart and Peter had worked together in a number of business junctures long before the inception of Gunboat. Bart became the obvious choice as CFO when Gunboat came to fruition. He has been a loyal and devoted employee and remains a keen sailor. His plans are to work as a consultant in Rhode Island. We are grateful to Bart for his dedication and longevity with Gunboat and hope for his continued success.

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