November 21, 2012


Wanted: Entertaining Chefs 

Nauta Design and the Gunboat team have completed design work on the 'Galley Up' version of our new Gunboat 55 series. The flexibility in layout of the two aft cabins and the galley location is leading to some terrific customized layouts to suit each owner.



The fall boat show season is over, and now is the time to come see GUNBOAT's unique carbon infusion production process and meet the team. You will see high tech boat construction at its best. Through the end of January, prospective customers that visit us in NC and commit to purchase a Gunboat, will be reimbursed their flight and hotel!  Please contact to schedule your visit! 


Put a Lid on It

The new Gunboat 55 deck mold was produced in-house over the past several weeks. The tool was post cured in our oven while still on the plug to minimize shrinkage. The mold was pulled from the plug this week, and turned over for final positioning on the Gunboat 55 series production line.


The carbon and core is loaded in the mold for the 2nd GUNBOAT 55. The vacuum bag is on, and infusion has started. Look for the 2nd GUNBOAT 55 hull to emerge in the coming week on our Blog  and on Facebook!


A Big Present in the Belly of the Beast

Fully shrink-wrapped, GUNBOAT 78-01 looked like a big present ready to arrive at GUNBOAT in time for the Holiday Season! While she could not quite fit on Santa's sleigh, the team did manage to fit her below decks on a freighter bound for Baltimore. Watch this space for her planned tow down the Chesapeake and the Intercoastal Waterway to GUNBOAT.



TWO PAWS UP for the Award Winning TIGER LILY!!!

We give a two paws up salute to the owners and crew of the GUNBOAT 66 TIGER LILY. At the recent BVI Charter Show, TIGER LILY walked away with two of the five Awards given at the show!! First mate, Tracy Jenkinson and Capt Harvey Jenkinson were on hand to accept the awards for BEST MULTIHULL & GREENEST YACHT. We think she deserves an award for the most stunning paint job and graphics! Congratulations to the TIGER LILY team. They are raising the bar in the GUNBOAT fleet!

Ramping It Up!

The North Carolina Department of Transportation teamed up with the Wanchese Seafood Industrial Park to create a new 40'-wide ramp next door to GUNBOAT. The ramp will enable GUNBOAT and the neighboring boat yards to better serve the sailing catamaran market. GUNBOAT plans to begin service work on GUNBOAT's beginning in May 2013. Nearby yards are keen to help build this area into a catamaran service mecca for the industry.


MOONWAVE Readies to Sail the World

The first GUNBOAT 60 is completing sea trials off Xiamen, China. On a recent sea trial day, she easily exceeded 20 knots with the owner and Captain Stephane Fumat at the helm. The finish of the GUNBOAT 60 series is exceptional, and her Nigel Irens design is a major step forward for GUNBOAT's next generation of series (55, 60 & 78).

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