February 6, 2013


Sunreef Yachts is spreading its wings around the world. Strongly based in Europe, Sunreef has already opened a branch in the USA in 2009 and now in China. The office is managed by Ewa Stachurska, their talented former PR manager. Ewa, who speaks more than six languages and soon Chinese, is taking up the challenge with a lot of energy. She answered a few questions for us about this new promising market. Thanks for her time.

Sunreef China, Marketing and Sales Manager, Ewa Stachurska
Why did Sunreef open a branch in China ?
After a decade of a successful development in the world, especially in Europe and the Americas, and the opening of the US office in Ft.Lauderdale in 2009, the company judged necessary further expansion and this time towards Asia with a special stress on China and its immense potential. Certainly, this market is still immature and yachting is perceived more as a business-related activity helping to maintain professional relationships than pure pleasure or a hobby but it will pick up one day, and on that day Sunreef Yachts wants to make sure that all interested newly emerged enthusiasts will know what fantastic yachts the company has to offer. I can already observe an increasing interest in catamarans, and a curiosity towards a catamaran-yacht.
Plaza 66 Shanghai, Sunreef China Headquarters Office in Tower 2

Why did you choose Shangai ?
Shanghai is a visit card of the modern and international China, a China interested in novelties, progress, luxury and lifestyle. It is a base for most of medias and prestigious events. The city is an ever buzzing mixture of cultures, expectations and businesses and it is good to start here. We have established the office in Puxi in the upscale Jing'an district, the western part of the city where all major luxury brands are located. Since the opening of the office, we have been receiving many inquiries about our yachts from potential clients, media, brokers. The actual presence in China brings an immediate increase of interest.

Sunreef 70, Sunreef's yacht displayed for the Asian Market

Will you have a boat for display and where will it be docked ?
This year in a month's time we will have a new Sunreef 70 Sailing arriving to Hong Kong and then leaving directly for Sanya to take part in the prestigious Hainan Rendezvous held in the city resort, Sanya, on the Hainan Island, south of Kong Kong. Her permanent base will be a stunning Serenity Marina in Sanya. With this superbly finished yacht in oriental, modern design with red-blooded hulls, we will definitely gain a lot of attention at the show. She will be available for sea trials and a series of private cocktail receptions for VIPs has already been scheduled. This will also be the largest catamaran in China, but I hope that not for long, and we will be able to bring even bigger units within the next few years. I'm absolutely positive that large-sized catamaran-yachts with custom finish will have a bright future in China. The Sunreef 70 will certainly set a new turning point in the perception of a yacht among the Chinese Clients.

Hainan Rendez Vous

Which boat shows will you take part to in the coming year ?
Sunreef Yachts China will exhibit at the Hainan Rendezvous (30 March -2 April), Shanghai International Boat Show (11-14 April), Hong Kong Gold Coast boat show (10-12 May), Shenzhen International Boat Show in October, Xiamen International Boat Show in November and Sanya International Boat Show in December. Apart of the Shanghai boat show, held in land, we will exhibit the Sunreef 70 Sailing at all the shows.

You have been with Sunreef for 6 years as their PR manager, why heading the Asia office is a new challenge for you ?
It definitely is. It requires a lot of energy and work as the business environment is different than in Europe; there is a lot to learn about the beliefs, needs, priorities of the local Clientele but I have a big passion for this country and a very positive approach. I work with the Chinese team and it makes things much easier. Also, most of the people I meet, including our Chinese owners and Clients are very helpful and give most precious advices. Finally, Polish diplomacy with the Ambassador in Beijing and the Consul General in Shanghai lend us a lot of support and follow our activity with much interest. The presence of Sunreef Yachts in China is highly gratifying for the image of Poland abroad, not necessarily associated with the luxury and nevertheless being a leader in luxury catamarans custom made.

Sunreef Yachts China, Plaza 66, Tower 2, 15/F, room 1547, 1266 Nanjin West Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, China

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