July 28, 2013


For years we have extolled the daily range of a GUNBOAT. As early as 2002, TRIBE was averaging 270 miles per day offshore, with many days in the 330-385 mile range. We noted that 400 mile days are possible. During the TRANSPAC Race last week, PHAEDO recorded a 427 mile day, and was tracking towards an even bigger day, when....


Our hearts go out to the well-prepared and always professional PHAEDO team. According to PHAEDO owner Lloyd Thornburg, who was on the helm at the time, the top of the rig broke off while under a full main and A4 code sail. So ended PHAEDO'S remarkable run at the TRANSPAC Race. PHAEDO was well ahead of the entire TP52 and West Coast sled fleet at the time. The only boats on the course showing better pace were a 100' super-maxi, a turbo-charged Volvo 70, and a lengthened ORMA 60' tri. We may never know the exact reason why PHAEDO's rig succumbed. The crew wisely cut it away to preserve PHAEDO's hulls. She is the only GUNBOAT that chose to utilize PBO rigging. While it can reduce windage and save weight, it's track record for reliability would not be regarded as the best today. The manner of the rig's loss, in our opinion, is consistent with the failure of a windward diamond shroud. All GUNBOAT's today are specified with aramid shrouds and carbon diamond stays, which reflect industry best practices at this time. We salute Lloyd and his PHAEDO team for pushing so hard in so many epic races. PHAEDO is our cover girl, and has helped reset expectations of what an all-carbon world cruising GUNBOAT can achieve. We know PHAEDO's awesome team will rise again, and will be even more impressive when she returns!


 We are getting great reports from ZENYATTA, TIGER LILY, LAGUZ, and PANTHERA as they explore the Mediterranean Sea this season. These stories make our hearts sing as we watch these beautiful GUNBOATs deliver on their promise of world cruising in luxury at speed. ZENYATTA plans to enter the ARC Rally from the Canaries to St Lucia. TIGER LILY is thumbing a ride on Dock-Wise to make the fall season in New England. PANTHERA will keep cruising wherever her young family's heart desires. And LAGUZ plans to winter in the Med. Delivering these dreams keeps us fired up every day!


 Lauren Battaile has left her career in the wine industry on the West Coast to be stationed at GUNBOAT as the new marketing manager. Lauren studied marketing as an undergrad, and applied those talents to two brands before joining us. A noted foodie and wine expert, she and her family are lifelong sailors from North Carolina. Lauren will be focused on traditional and social media, events, pr, shows and sales support. She will work closely with Meg Minetree, our sales director, and Peter Johnstone. This edition is Lauren's first effort. Welcome aboard!



Tuesday and Thursday night saw the first ever weeknight beer-can racing between GUNBOATs. TRIBE's owner organized the series with the help of Indian Harbor Yacht Club in Greenwich, CT. ELVIS and SLIM joined the host on the water. Winds were light, and racing was tight between the GUNBOATs racing on short courses, and in some cases through other yacht club races. The sight of three large cats towering over all other boats along the Connecticut shoreline led to several spectator boats following the fleet. Dave, the mate on ELVIS, employed his mass aloft on a halyard in a pseudo Spiderman wrecking ball technique to get ELVIS' battens to tack in the lighter winds. A big thank you to TRIBE's owner and Indian Harbor Yacht Club for a very special two nights. Thursday featured a barbecue for the GUNBOAT owners and crew at Indian Harbor's Sunfish bar and patio. These very special evenings show signs of growing. Upwards of seven GUNBOATs may be on the line in Long Island Sound in 2014! www.gunboat.com
The new ramp at GUNBOAT's yard is proving to be a great addition. Owner Travis Rice sailed into town and left his beloved GUNBOAT 48 in our care for his snowboarding season. When he returns, he will find a spruced up eight year old GUNBOAT in new condition and ready for Travis' loop of the Pacific. CREAM is expected later this year, and up to three other GUNBOATs expect to get service at our NC yard in the coming months. More to come.


The gorgeous new GUNBOAT 60 is completing sea trials, and will begin her delivery journey to the East Coast USA imminently. The best laid plans are to have her at the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis in October.


 The NC team led by Aaron Croswait pulled GUNBOAT 55-05 from the gorgeous female tooling this past week. The outer skins of 55-06 are already in the mold. Paul Hakes reports the successful infusion of GUNBOAT 60-05. GUNBOAT 60-04 had her decks installed. Production is on a roll!


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The Gunboat 55 is rocking the sailing world, and she is indeed a beauty!
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Hi, Nice blog. This catamaran is very luxurious and nice. Gunboat is a very favorite yachts among sailing enthusiasts.
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